Current Repairs
Dave's Wal Bass
March 31st. 2019
Updated: July 30th. 2019

This is a Wal bass owned by Dave F. This thing he bought used in its present condition, and it came to him from living in a storage fascility in Arizona. The previous owner dried it out profusely, and it came to me with severe shrinkage, peeling, delamination, as well as the useage wear that Dave wishes we clean up with the refinish. After a long period of slow re-humidification, alot of the wood came back and close to its original position. These first photos show it after humidification.

We begin the glue and clamping process. This is going to be done in many stages. I am trying to get the sections of movement done one set at a time, but some of the area is pretty large. The contours and need of a solid press makes some of the clamping logistics quite tricky, but thats gluing for ya! Joint pressure is never straight forward and sometimes you have to get fancy. These arent too bad...

I begin the finish removal, and edge re-contouring. There is many places where the damage caused from drying it out and the wharping has missing wood in the laminant between the mahogany and the maple top. The largest spot for this is on the back, right under the Rib/Hip contour. I will post before and after pics of this in the next blog entry, but the factory had a VERY cureous solution to a mismatch on the lamination. It subsequently caused a LOT of issues when this thing was dried out. There is a good amount of material missing that I must patch (As cosmetically attractive as I can, I might add) before I begin the stain and finish process.

I inlayed mahogany into some areas on the sides that were repaired previously and were missing wood after the damage. Next is the cutting and inlay of the center stripe.

Here we go! Time to get her finished! We are going for a similar light amber stain, and satin THIN finish. Dave specified he wants it VERY thin, so this is going to be interesting. Not only is THIN finishing tough to do, but GOOD satin finishes are tough, so doing a GOOD, EVEN thin satin finish is gunna be tricky. I have some ideas to get it even, but GOOD satin finishing is not easy. It HAS begun!

More to come!