Past Projects

Here is where I wish to show some interesting repairs and restorations I have done over the years.
These pieces are either vintage guitars, characteristic or custom work.

The first two are a couple of the major restoration projects that have found their way to my bench. Although each was quite a challenge; not only to keep the instrument as close to factory where requested by the customer, but also to maintain a professional outcome. I, as well as the customer, was very proud of the way they turned out.

1930s Epiphone Emperor

  • Emperor Before
  • Emperor After

This guitar belongs to Bob J's father and was passed down to him many years ago. He brought it to another luthier that was unable to finish past some basic deconstruction, so he brought it to me to finish the restoration. This thing sounded great after we were done. MANY more songs left in her!

1953 Les Paul Junior

  • 53 LP Jr - Before
  • 53 LP Jr - After
  • 53 LP Jr - Before
  • 53 LP Jr - After

This Gibson belonged to a good friend of mine, Phil, so I really wanted to do a great job. He brought it to me how he bought it... Absolutely trashed! It had a broken headstock-left open for 10 years, badly filled multiple bridge holes, a poorly deformed headstock profile, severely damaged and checked lacquer, dings, bangs, warped neck, etc. Needless to say, it required a complete overhaul. Re-fretted and finished in nitro-lacquer, and with a customer preferred translucent finish instead of the stock opaque yellow top, this gem turned out wonderful, and the owner was extremely pleased. It sounded worlds better afterwards as well.

1960s Fender Jaguar

  • 1960s Jaguar - Before
  • 1960s Jaguar - After

This Fender needed a lot of love, for sure... It came in coarsely sanded and painted in Krylon White (Lovely...). There was no finish on the neck as well as an altered profile, missing decal, and to make matters worse, a blowout in the neck heel due to it being used as a baseball bat and slammed till it broke clear of the body. Truthfully, (unfortunately) it was actually used as a physical assault weapon, and came into the shop with the police evidence ID sticker still intact. (Which needless to say, needed to also be removed) Suffering from similar bridge mount problems as the above Gibson, as well as several stock hardware items needing to be replaced, the customer was pleased that his father's old Fender was back to something resembling a vintage Jaguar.

Fender/Squier P-Bass

  • Chris' Bass - Before
  • Chris' Bass - After

This is one of the fun projects I get to do from time to time. This was just a Fender Squier P-Bass from a bass pack. We had a little fun in the shop, and hit it with a little of this and a bit of that, and customized it for one of the brass techs in the shop. Chris, enjoy your suped-up bass!!!!