Fingerbaord Shot



All instruments need adjustment. Rarely does a guitar or bass come fully adjusted from the factory. Also, time, weather changes, and other changes such as new strings, change of string gauges, etc, effect the current status of an instrument. If your guitar or bass needs a simple adjustment, or a custom setup to your particular playing style, bring in your instrument and Ed will set it up right!

Structural Repair

Dropped, sat on, broken headstock, Jon backed over it with his truck (twice, I'm not kidding...), or simply loose joints, bring in your instrument for proper re-setting and repair.


Original re-wiring to custom electronics repair and installation.

Fret Work

Whether its a simple range fret dressing to a full neck re-fret, you will get it back done right!

Custom Modifications and Installations

Custom installations, new pickups, personal customizing is individual and available.

Custom Built Guitars

Being a USA Custom Guitars Dealer and Service Center, Cox Guitar Repair can help you create your own custom guitar from the ground up! CGR uses USACG parts exclusively because they are simply the BEST! Period! Call, and let's get started on your dream electric guitar or bass.

Light Amp Repair

Nothing serious here, but if you have bad input jacks, blown speakers, or bad or busted pots, etc... Ed can get you back in action and back on the gig!