Jim MaCarthy


"Ed did an amazing job on finishing my drum! He did a beautiful Black Cherry lacquer finish that is still holding up great after over a year of abuse at shows and on the road. Thanks Ed for putting the beautiful finish on my snare!"

- Kevin Beason (Point No Point & A Brighter Burning End)

"I have had me some guitars in my time..., a '33 National, a '46 Emperor and my baby, a '64 Johnny Smith that was in need of a re-fret. I had seen some of Ed's work and was impressed with his meticulous nature and attention to detail. I was concerned that the re-fret would be tricky because of the bound fingerboard but Ed assured me he would custom fit each fret, and that he did. He matched the fret size exactly, and custom dressed each fret. The guitar plays like a dream. Beautiful!! Thanks Ed!"

- Jim McCarthy (Tacoma, Washington)

"A few years ago, I bought the prototype of the Fender Robben Ford model guitar, and a couple of years later, a huge piece of the black finish chipped off, on the upper horn, under the strap button. I took the guitar in, for Ed to look at, and asked him if he could 'fix' it. He told me that he 'probably' could, but that he couldn't guarantee it, because of the peculiarities (something about a cellulose finish?) of the paint. It took a while, but was well worth the wait, as I can't even tell where the repair was made, even knowing where it was. Ed is a perfectionist, and is critical of his own work, but to my eyes, he is truly an artist, and I'd have no reservations about turning any of my guitars over to him for repairs or adjusting."

- Ed Quigley (Tacoma, Washington)